Maryland First Time Home Buyer

Buying a home is possible

for everyone who is ready to make the move.

No Expensive Credit Repair Needed

We know the excitement of moving into your first home which is why we help people like you make it happen.

And like you, every new homeowner has the same concern — will we be able to get the financing needed to buy the home we so badly want. It can be a challenge which is why our program is so successful.

Low Interest Loans

We partner with lenders who offer low interest mortgage programs.

Down Payment Assistance

We work with city and state agencies to provide down payment assistance to eligible first-time homebuyers.

Credit Rating Upgrade

We review and analyze your credit history. Bumps and past difficulties are part of life — we tailor the right plan for you to meet the requirements of our underwriters and our goal is to do it quickly — no more than 12 months in most cases — often much sooner.

And, it’s FREE

That’s right we do not charge any fee for this valuable service except for one requirement — commitment.  We know that the only people who will be successful in our program and approved by our underwriters are those folks who are ready and willing to take the appropriate actions to complete the steps needed to qualify. Like all lenders, our approval process is based on the 3 C’s — credit • capacity • and, character — and, as you can imagine character and commitment go hand-in-hand.

Maryland First Time Home Buyers Organization

Key Steps to Financing Approval

  • Complete the Buyer Inquiry Form.
  • Get a list of all your current debt.
  • Get a list of all your current verifiable sources of income.
  • Attend our next webinar.