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Property SearchReady to start your search? CONGRATULATIONS!!

This is the first step in what should be an exciting journey. And, like any journey you want to be fully prepared.

So, let’s start at the beginning and consider how much stretch do you have in your budget. The more you’re able to stretch your budget the more home you can afford. Naturally, you don’t want to stretch so far that you become “house-poor” — where too much of your income is devoted to housing cost thereby limiting your ability to enjoy life in your new home. On the other hand, you might not think you can afford to buy, and you miss out on the chance to begin enjoying the benefits of homeownership. We’re here to help you get into the home that’s right for you, and we have many ways to make that possible. Check out Maryland First Time Home Buyer to learn how quickly you can qualify for your new home — and, is our program for tenants who want to buy. It’s a great way to get into the home you want but can’t quite qualify.

You’ve surely heard that in real estate it’s location, location, location.  There are so many things to consider…

… being close to family, friends, work, schools, recreation, healthcare, plus being in a community that reflects your life style, desires, and goals.

We’re here to serve you. Click on the link to begin your search and don’t hesitate to call if you have a question or want more information.