Are You Ready to Buy Your New Home?

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Buying A Home — Still The American Dream

Why is it that buying a home is such an important goal shared by so many people? Simply put for many people it’s the “pride of ownership” experience — that sense of belonging to a community and having a personal stake in it. But, beyond this emotional satisfaction, there are some very practical and important considerations that make home ownership a wise choice.

You’re the landlord!!!  Increase Your Wealth • No More Rent Increases

Now every month when you make your payment, you are building equity for yourself. Someday you will own your home, and then you won’t have any more monthly payments to make. No more rent increases. Plus, the longer you’re in your home your housing costs are actually decreasing (

Experience the Benefit of Asset Appreciation

Overall, housing values tend to appreciate over time. So, in addition to increasing your equity by paying down your mortgage, you have the added advantage of growing appreciation which can be a big contribution to your household wealth.

Sweat EquitySweat Equity

Many people enjoy the world of Home Depot and Lowes — they love the idea of being a “Do It Yourselfer.” And, their sweat-equity improvements adds to the value of their homes by keeping them properly maintained and perhaps upgrading at a lower cost than having someone else do the work.

Design and Decorate to Your Taste

If it’s your home, you can paint the walls whatever you want; put nails in the walls; and even completely remodel all you want without having to first ask the landlord.

Tax DeductionsEnhance Your Lifestyle

Depending on your interests, having your own home affords you more opportunities to do things you might enjoy such as gardening, hosting barbeques to entertain, work in your garage, relax and swing in the privacy of your hammock — or any of a host of things that are important to you that typically are not permitted in a rental property.

Tax Deductions

When you buy your home, you get to deduct the mortgage interest you pay plus your property taxes so long as it is greater than the standard deduction.

So, are you interested — if so, click here and let us know about your goals and dreams.

"Are You Ready" Check List?


Know the costs of home ownership and plan your budget.

When a tenant pays rent, you can be sure that the landlord calculated all the costs associated with owning the property plus maintaining it plus making a profit. As a new homeowner, you need to do the same. Avoid becoming “house poor;” remember to budget for all things important to you.


Do you have a down payment saved? Have you consulted with a mortgage banker to confirm you qualify for homes you like? Does your budget include a cushion to handle unexpected repairs and purchases?

Think Location • Think Long-Term

Purchasing a new home is a life planning decision. Many issues are considered. How close do you want to be to family, friends, work, schools, church, shopping, and recreational options?

Consider the neighborhood. Is it comprised of mostly homeowners or renters? Is it on a busy street or a quiet cul de sac? Is the home layout typical or unusual? Are there any local or regional changes planned that will increase or diminish the value of your home?